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Don't Censor my Flower

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

How sad that social media platforms censor words that describe female reproductive parts. Platforms like Instagram will shadowban any posts they feel is related to nudity as its rules stipulate genitals are only allowed in the context of childbirth. You can also not use the word, vagina, vulva and lesbian to name a few. My last 'flower' post was shadowbanned so to celebrate here's a little "lady flower' bouquet to brighten your day.

I create many female inspired "flower" pieces and they represent a cross-section of femininity, growth, strength and resilience. How sad that social media platforms censor words that can help with education and safety. As a lesbian and artist we need to end the stigma around using words such as lesbian or vulva. My paintings aren’t sexual solicitation as social media platforms suggest. They are just an expression of my pride as a lesbian and the connection to the feminine side of my identity.

Oh I will also lose more followers for posting this, but all is good, I'm not here for the popularity contest, just to spread some happy colourful art to those who dig it.

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