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Everything is better with music...

Music lovers! If you're anything like me - a lover of all kinds of music, you might also be a collector of vinyl (old and new), band merch and even more, nostalgic pins. I love pins, they make a statement, evoke a memory or just make people happy. I'm one of those people. My daughter was always fascinated with the pins I've collected over the years. So a few years ago, we invested in a 'button' machine so we could make our very own. We decided that we could create our own art and re-purpose old magazines (before they hit the recycling bin) by finding images and turning them into pins. A fun lil' side gig for me, a great creative independent endeavour for her and also, half the profit could go to different charities. Check out Long Liv Buttons and see what she has been up to. This has been a fun little project to do together and also given her a little taste of being a mini entrepreneur.

I happily took on our latest commission while my daughter was on vacation. It was for friends who own a cool little vinyl shop called Nith River Records. 100 pins on deck for them! I must admit that flipping through the stacks of old and new magazines to find the perfect image is a bit of a thrill for a music fan like myself. If you're ever in the pretty little town of Paris Ontario and are a collector of vinyl, stop by Nith River Records located in the Wincey Mills market and check out their goods!

Here's a little process video and some of the pins for this commission 👇

If I could keep them all I would. The ultimate music lovers collection - that's for sure! We are always looking for old magazines. Please get in touch with me HERE if you are getting rid of any print material. I will happily take them off your hands.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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