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You like Art? Welcome to my blog!

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hi there! Welcome to my new blog. If you like art you're in the right place. You won't find any long wordy posts here, I'm not much of a forced writer. Every now and then it will spill out and I might catch you by surprise though. But my passion is painting, and that's what I will be sharing here. More of a picture blog. I'll share my art, events, my process, videos, old work, new work, my travels and basically anything that inspires me.

If you are a new follower, 'hi', thanks for being here. I'll tell ya a bit about myself. I've been painting since as far as I can remember. I love colour, I'm obsessed with art of all kinds. I'm a music junkie and appreciate all genres. I love rollerskating and VW camper vans. I'm a rebel at heart but peace sets me free. Making art is my favourite kind of therapy. Making connections with it is my most favourite. My other gigs? Single mom to two incredible humans, tennis coach (wheelchair/children/adults). I'm a pay it forward, beginner banjo strummin', equality believin', reciprocity lovin', love is love livin', trust in the universe believin', be a kind human - human!

I've given up fighting the spammy bots on my social media accounts. I won't be on FB anymore but I will still link to Instagram, I just won't be reachable there. I'm simplifying things. From now on, you can find me right here and over on my new website! See you soon! 🤟💖

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Yay! I am now able to see all your beautiful artwork....Love this idea !


Jan 08, 2020

I look forward to seeing all the new stuff you are creating.....your art is so beautiful. You sure aren't afraid of colour, and that is exactly why your pieces are so appealing. You take chances and don't play it your thinking and your creative mind at work. MAW

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