Artist Statement

I am a self-taught artist who utilizes my passion for self-expression and intuition to develop a diverse portfolio of mixed-media art. My journey began over 20 years ago, experimenting with acrylic paints, creating meaningful pieces to connect my community.  Over the years I've had the privilege of having my art exhibited in many galleries throughout Ontario.  I also have a piece entitled, “Feather Dream” that is currently featured in the Ontario Legislative Assembly of Ontario Building.


I continue to connect with each piece of work differently rendering each one unique and original not only in its presentation but in its meaning. I love the audience to see something in my work that they recognize but in a different way, something familiar but through abstract shapes and colours.  Being a mixed-media artist gives me the freedom to explore all mediums and express ideas without limitations, to keep the floodgates of my inspiration open.  I love exploring and mixing different media because it feels rebellious.


Every piece of art I create speaks of my spirit, heart and imagination and I am constantly on a journey to learn, grow and evolve as an artist.


Currently drawn to creating with alcohol inks and resin, the bright bold colours of the ink and the beautiful glass-like finish from the resin makes the creation process so intriguing. I work from my home studio and sell my art through various art auctions, exhibits and markets.